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Who are we?

Spring Hill Locally Grown is an online market specializing in getting fresh, locally grown and produced food to your table. Think of us as a local farmers market combined with modern technology allowing you to shop at your local farmers market from the comfort of your own home. We are always adding new growers to our list which expands our list of items available. Even though are farmers are all different, from the size of their farms to the items they grow, they all share one thing in common: their dedication to providing our local community with the best locally grown and produced items around.

Why Support Locally Grown?

With the big box stores taking over, small business owners and farms are becoming a thing of the past. Studies have shown that supporting locally owned businesses gives the local economy much greater benefits than shopping national chain stores. When you shop local the percentage of your hard earned dollar that stays in your local community is, most of the time, more than double the amount of shopping at national stores. That can add to quite a substantial figure.

Another benefit of purchasing locally is that less resources are used up in the trip your food makes. Try to imagine how much fossil fuels are used when you purchase a head of lettuce from a big box store. It starts with the fossil fuels used to make the fertilizers and other things needed at the farm level. The actual fuel, oil and other resources used to truck it to the local packing location, then to the drop off point. Then the big box stores have to ship it to their nearest distribution center which sends it out to the local stores nearest distribution center. From there it finally hops onto yet another truck to go to the local store. Just try to imagine all the gas and oil used in that trip! That’s not even taking into account the fossil fuels used to make all the needed items used for that trip such as the trucks tires. That’s a LOT of fossil fuels that is used up bring you a head of lettuce.

Now lets take a look at what happens when you purchase through Spring Hill Locally Grown. Since we do not accept growers who use chemicals, no fossil fuels there to worry about. Then the trip is reduced from possible over 1,000 miles to about 10. That’s quite a substantial difference saving a whole lot of natural resources. Plus, considering we are not selling at a typical retail location, the packaging is drastically reduced as well!

Becoming a Customer

It’s easy! Continue to the Sign In page and create an account. You are free to order from Spring Hill Locally Grown two times before being required to join. We have set up the market this way so you can get a feel for how we operate as well as taste the quality of the items provided.

Once you sign up, you will receive an email every week letting you know what is available from which growers with prices. All items will also be listed on The Market page and be updated as our growers add items.


Spring Hill Locally Grown will also be hosting various events and classes throughout the year. Stay tuned for more information.